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Tuscaloosa, AL


Criminal Justice Attorney in Tuscaloosa, AL

People who are trying to defend themselves against criminal charges may be able to benefit from the services of a criminal justice attorney in Tuscaloosa, AL. Here at Livingston Law, you’ll receive personal attention and excellent customer service. I’m committed to client satisfaction, so I pay close attention to cases and work hard to help people defend their rights in court.

I represent juveniles and adults alike for a range of different matters, including drug, violent, sex, and white collar crime accusations. My clients know that they aren’t alone because I maintain open communication throughout the legal process. I hope that you’ll benefit from my:

  • Local representation
  • Convenient appointments
  • Potentially insightful consultations

One of my goals is to determine what your defense options are, and I may start the process by conducting an investigation into the charges and looking at available evidence. I may also have individuals testify on your behalf. I’ll work hard to help you achieve a fair resolution. Call the office of Livingston Law in Tuscaloosa when you need a criminal justice attorney to help you with your legal problems.



Choosing an attorney that will represent you is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Let Karen Livingston Fight for Your Rights!